Process & Safety Engineer

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St. Louis, MO
Job Type
Direct Hire
Bachelor of Science
Mar 01, 2018
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Minimum Requirements:
  • B.S. in Engineering (Chemical Engineering highly preferred, but will consider others)
  • 4+ years of post-college, industry experience in the chemicals industry
  • Previous experience with PSM and have been part of HAZOP Reviews is a must
  • Demonstrable people skills are also as must as this person will be interacting regularly with a wide variety of people on a regular basis
  • Pluses include: experience with environmental regulations (air, wastewater, etc.) and environmental permitting, experience with OSHA 1910.119 standards, experience in process improvement and/or process optimization in a chemical plant, and experience with RMP (Risk Management Plan)
Job Description:
This person will work in a 45-person PSM-regulated batch chemical and resins manufacturing plant just outside of St. Louis and will be doing 80% Process Safety/HAZOP/PHA and 20% Environmental Permitting. The Process Safety piece of the job is to review the current PHA’s and HAZOP studies and make changes to the existing PSM procedures. This will include the following: changing the procedure that the operators use when producing chemicals, reviewing how technicians perform maintenance, and also do reviews on pieces of equipment such as reactors, tanks, utilities, pumps and mixers. After reviewing them this person will work with corporate engineering and work hands on with plant personnel to make these changes. For at least one-year, Corporate Engineering will take the lead on doing HAZOP/PHA’s and PSM reviews for new process changes and projects. Then, after that first year, this person will take the lead on those responsibilities. This person will also conduct plant safety meeting and training.  The environmental piece includes air and solid waste permitting with the emphasis being liquid and solid waste and the disposal of it. The exciting aspect of this position is that this person will truly have an opportunity to make a difference at this plant. Many systems and programs are already in place at this facility, but the plant manager wants those systems and programs developed and improved and this person will have a wide degree of latitude in accomplishing that goal. Minimal travel will be associated with this position. Relocation assistance is available and will come in the form of a lump sum.